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Merit badge Madness

After weeks of preparation, Merit Badge Madness has come and gone and the results of the weekend were well worth the effort put forth. Over 740 Scouts participated, 43 from the Troop which was the largest contingent. Our Scouts attempted to earn 66 merit badges and 55 were earned which is about an 88% success rate. 6 of the 11 partials were in Cit in the Community due to one requirement not completed which we knew going to MBM. All of our new Scouts earned Cit in the Nation.
Not only did the Troop support 4 Rivers District with the large number of Scouts attending, but it provided support in a number of other areas. Several parents and leaders served as Hall monitors. Miguel Ortiz taught one of the Cit in the Nation classes. I taught Forestry and Mammal Study. Gary Bolton and Eric Berman were scheduled to co-teach one of the Cit in the World classes. Because at least 12 of our Scouts were in one Cit in the Community class, Stephanie Griffith and Jen Mantzouranis, who were heavily engaged in prepping the Scouts at meetings, agreed to monitor our Scouts and the counselor where needed. About half an hour prior to class instruction, the event chair came to our campsite and asked me if I had a Cit in the Community counselor. There were 4 classes and one had the flu. Eric Berman agreed to teach the class and Jen Mantzouranis who was familiar with the merit badge, assisted him. Ardrenna Gulmert and Maria Olson took Scoutmaster specific training. Both agreed it was an excellent course and taught them a great deal about Scouting and answered many questions. We had a large number of Scouts in one of the Cit in the Nation classes not taught by Miguel, and Heather Schulte volunteered to monitor our Scouts. She reported that young as they were, they were well prepared, actively participating in the class, answering questions. Everyone of our Scouts in the class earned the merit badge. Meanwhile, at our Troop HQ, which was setup by a number of adults and Scouts Friday evening, Keith Chinn cooked up tasty chili and cornbread for lunch. Marc Limansky and Gary Bolton brought in pizza and breadsticks for dinner which was a big hit with the Scouts. When dinner was completed, the Scouts quickly dismantled our HQ, then we went to the campfire. At the campfire, there was an Order of the Arrow Callout. Congratulations to Michael Olson and Bryce Carey for being elected by the Scouts, and Keith Chinn for being selected as the adult representative. They will undergo the trials and challenges of the Ordeal in mid-May.
Today, after conversing with several leaders of other Troops, some are considering not camping at MBM after the weather related events last night. That, coupled with the relatively cramped space, and limited time for cooking is making them consider doing something similar to what we have done for many years.
I wish to thank everyone that assisted in preparing the Scouts the past few weeks, setting up our HQ, and assisting in any way on Saturday. They are too numerous to even try to acknowledge for fear of omitting someone. It truly was a Troop effort, all for the benefit of your sons. The Troop is highly regarded in 4 Rivers District and the support we gave this weekend was greatly appreciated.  JM


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