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Step 6: Execute Your Plan

Coordinate with the SPL to pick several days and potential alternate days on which to have volunteer scouts come to help execute your project. These days can be entered into Scoutbook with reminders to RSVP which will allow you to plan for the number of people on site. It is customary for the scout leading the project to provide lunch or refreshment of some sort during a break in the project, but this is contingent on current CDC guidelines.

REMINDER: While working on your project, always have a First Aid Kit available at your work site and always have two-deep adults present while working on your project with other Scouts. Follow the safety rules when using power tools. The Guide to Safe Scouting is an important reference in considering safety issues.

Keep a log of all Scouts and adults that work on your project and the days and hours that each person worked. Upon completion of all work, give a copy of this log of names and hours worked to your Scoutmaster so Scouts working on your project can receive credit for Service Hours in their advancement records.

Keep information in your logbook about your work and decisions that you make while working on your project. Take lots of photographs while working on your project as well as photographs of the completed project. Include these
photos in your Eagle Project Book.

Keep a record of all materials and equipment you use with the cost of each item and include this in your final writeup. (Also include in the cost the value of donated materials and equipment).

Keep a record of all changes to your original plan that you made during work on your project.

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