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Step 4: Write the Proposal

Contact the Scoutmaster and discuss your proposed Eagle Project with him/her and get your Scoutmaster’s approval for your Eagle Project. This will also let your Scoutmaster know you are starting work on your Eagle Project. they may suggest a Project Coach if you don’t already have one in mind. They will be also be able to support you during the time you are accomplishing your Eagle Rank.

Seek out and talk to your Project Coach to discuss your Eagle Projectand get their approval for your Eagle Project Proposal.

If possible obtain a completed Project Book of an Eagle Scout from the troop historian or a recent Eagle scout for you to use as a guide in writing and organizing your Eagle Scout Project Book.

Develop your Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal form and list the Benefitting Organization Representative’s name and title on your Contact Information form. This indicates that you discussed the project concept with and received approval to do your project for that benefitting organization.

The web page ‘The Path’ at provides many helpful hints and suggestions for developing a thorough project write-up. 

Use the fillable PDF version of the workbook which allows you to document your project using a computer or device. Multiple revisions will probably be required, including a final revision after the project work is complete. Before and after photographs should also be included in the final revision.

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