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2018 Welcome New Scouts and Parents

With each new year ,  we find ourselves getting ready for the warm weather to break …. but it broke too soon.    Our Annual Ski trip was melted out  and with that came ……

A flood of new new scouts crossing over.   This year we welcome more than a dozen new scouts….

Exciting that we continue to attract and develop young boys into responsible young adults.

We have activities, skills development, outdoor events lined up to keep them energized and active.

With every new scout coming in –  we say goodbye to some…some make the decision to achieve Eagle

At Troop769  ,  we encourage and guide the Boys on a journey of development,  and in that there are opportunities to earn advancement and Merit Badges that draw them to that best outcome.  It is the Journey and spirit of scouting that we build.  Our outcomes are only the embodiment of those efforts.

Share the journey with us.   It is remarkable what these boys can do….especially when they say on Tuesdays –  are you ready yet?    When they first start – they say can I go ?..   Then it turns to –  I would like to go …… and towards the end …. I need to be at the Church Friday night by 5 ….we are going to ……

Parents – learn how you can be part of that journey  …talk to any of the Volunteers on Meeting night.  Be involved and be rewarded with guiding, encouraging and supporting their journey.  Its more than just your boy…its the group they grow with.

Doug W.


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